16+ Best Offline English Novel Apps on Android and iOS

What are the English novel applications? Actually there are many best free and offline English novel reading applications available on Android and iOS. What are these apps? Check out the following article.

Reading novels is a hobby for teenagers today. Novels can be a means of entertainment for those who like to do literacy activities.

Reading novels, especially English novels, is starting to be loved by teenagers in particular. Reading English novels brings a lot of positive impacts for teenagers today. Here are some of the advantages you bring with you English novels

Advantages of Reading English Novels

There are many benefits of reading English novels. What are the benefits of reading English novels?

  • Adding English vocabulary that is rarely used in daily conversation
  • Increase understanding of a text, especially English text
  • Opening up knowledge
  • Broaden your point of view on something
  • Sharpen memory sharpness
  • Increase reader’s imagination
  • Literature skills increase

For novel fans, reading novels online is certainly not something that sounds foreign. Even recently, physical novels have begun to be abandoned, many people prefer to use English novel applications.

In addition to being simple, comfortable to read, having many choices, and being flexible because it can be read anywhere at any time, novels in the form of this application can also be obtained without paying, only need capital in the form of internet quota, there are even some applications that provide novels offline. Interesting right?.

Various English novel applications available on the Playstore not only allow users to read, but can also participate as novel creators.

If you have a talent for composing and making novels, it never hurts to participate in them. If your novel is good, of course, besides getting a name, it can be a source of income.

Here are some English novel applications that you can try:

List of 16+ Best and Free Offline English Novel Apps on Android and iOS

Here are some kinds of English novel applications that I highly recommend for you:

1. Google PlayBooks

english novels app

Rating :  4.2 out of 1,645,692 votes

The first free English novel application is Google Playbooks . Google PlayBooks has a lot of users because it integrates directly with ebook and novel content in the playstore.

So the function of google playbooks is only as a facilitator for reading novels, the content itself is provided in the playstore where there are paid novels and some are free.

But don’t worry, you can buy paid novels with credit. Its features are simple but very useful, such as setting the reading direction (vertical / horizontal), changing the font size and type, and the online integration system.

2. Wattpad

english novels app

Rating :  4.2 out of 3,685,180 votes

You could say Wattpad is the most popular novel reading application in the world. The content in it is very complete, ranging from comedy, romantic, drama, horror, slice of life, action, to supernatural genres.

As a user, you can also participate in writing stories. Wattpad itself has an offline reading feature, the way you choose the novel you want to read, then download it, just read it while you are relaxing.

3. Amazon Kindle

Rating :  4.0 out of 955,539 votes

Kindle has long been known for its excellent novel service. It even launched its own e-reader in the form of a kindle paperwhite that was able to replace the function of books and paper.

However, Indonesian novels are still quite rare, because most of the content is in the form of western content from America.

4. WebNovel

Rating :  3.8 out of 203,819 votes

What will make you like webnovels is the variety of content.

It is not only available in the form of a story novel, but in the form of a comic. So it’s suitable for those of you who don’t like reading novels with complicated storylines.

5. Goodreads

offline english novels app

Rating :  3.8 out of 113,026 votes

Editor’s Choice

From the concept, goodreads is similar to google playbooks, but some of its features are further optimized to make it easier for users to read novels.

It is estimated that the number of ebooks and novels available is more than 10 million content, and each novel has a review by its readers. So it allows us to choose novels with high ratings.

6. Kobo Books

English novel application and its translation

Rating :  4.4 out of 260,159 votes

Editor’s Choice

Although not as complete as goodreads, I highly recommend kobo books to try. The reason is, the simple interface plus the combination of existing features makes the user experience very comfortable to use.

Currently, most of the novels in Kobo Books are still in English.

7. Inkitt

English novel application and its meaning

Rating :  4.2 out of 35,833 votes

Editor’s Choice

When we first use an English novel application called Inkitt, we will be presented with several questions such as favorite themes, favorite genres, etc.

So that Inkitt can recommend which novels are the most suitable for us. Inkitt also brings important features, such as offline reading, background changer, and font size settings.

8. 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks – Ooodles

english novels app

Rating :  4.1 out of 56,044 votes

Ooodles is an application that makes it easy for you to read or listen to English novels.

You can also import your novels in pdf, epub, mobi, etc. formats.

The books on Ooodles have been collected in tags and categories that make it easier for you to discover existing novels. You can also see top novels and tok authors on Ooodles.

Ooodles doesn’t provide best-selling novels, but he does provide public novels

9. ReadNow

English novel reading app

Rating :  4.4 out of 367 votes

The next English novel application is ReadNow by Infinite Ebooks.

At ReadNow, almost every day there are novels and stories that will be updated every day. So you won’t be bored with the same story.

ReadNow also gives you a space to discuss novels with other novel readers as well.

But unfortunately, to be able to enjoy full access to ReadNow, you need a subscription starting at $13 per month. interested to try?

10. iReader – Novels, Comics

Rating :  4.5 out of 39,483 votes

iReader brings several advantages over other English novel reading applications.

You can read famous novels here. So even though it has a copyright, iReader provides these licensed novels.

Every day and week, iReader always updates his stories and novels. So you won’t miss the latest stories and novels every week.

Most importantly, you can also use this application when you are offline. So even if you’re in an area that’s hard to signal, you can still pass the time by reading English novels.

11. Free Books – Novels, Fiction Books, & Audiobooks

Rating :  3.9 out of 27,381 votes

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Free Books is a place to find free, latest English novels and at the same time have a very mobile friendly design.

This free English novel reading app has a huge collection of classic readings (claims up to 50,000 ebooks) including romance, fairy tales and fantasy novels from famous novelists.

Freebooks also provides audiobooks features, so you can use them when you’re too tired to read.

12. Babylon Novel

Rating :  3.7 out of 3,378 votes

The next free English novel application is Babel Novel.

Actually, Babael Novel is a novel application that mostly provides English novels translated from Chinese. Hence, the novels here mostly tell Chinese stories.

Babal Novel has several genres including fantasy, romance, romance, historical, horror, sci-fi, drama, fun, wuxia, xuanhuan, xianxia, ​​fanfiction, scary stories, texting story, light novels, bedtime stories, sleep stories, chat stories, long stories or short stories.

The good thing about Babel Novel is that you can download your favorite novel and you can enjoy it offline.

13. NovelCat

free english novels app

Rating :  4.3 out of 12,905 votes

NovelCat is a novel application in English that has a lot of positive reviews from the Play Store.

Behind the many positive reviews, of course Novelcat brings a myriad of features that make readers comfortable reading novels on NovelCat.

Novelcat has a myriad of resources in the form of ebook novels that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Because the features of this application are so premium, please understand that this application actually requires you to take a few steps to access it.

That is by looking at the available video ads. But just by looking at the video ads, you can read novels on NovelCat for 30-60 minutes. Pretty easy isn’t it?

14. English Novels – Books Offline

novel application in english

Rating :  4.2 out of 421 votes

As the name implies, English Novel – Books Offline by BumbumBook is an offline English novel application available on Android.

The books in this application are the result of grants from volunteers. So, the ebooks here are copyright free.

This application also allows you to change the mode to day/night. So the eyes are safer at night.

15. MoboReader – Novels and Fiction Stories

English novel reading app

Rating :  4.1 out of 6,735 votes

If you like novels, then MoboReader is the right application for you.

If you don’t subscribe to MoboReader, you will get a free trial of reading books, limited-time reading of books, and free coins that you can get every day that can be used to read novels.

In addition, MoboReader allows you to read English novels offline. You can upload EPUB files, PDF files, txt documents, UMD files and 30 other file formats used to read novels offline.

It also provides audiobooks to listen to ebooks if you are lazy to read.

16. Novel Master – Free book reader

free english novel reading app

Rating :  3.4 out of 171 votes

The last English novel application is Novel Master – Free Ebook Reader.

Novel Master provides Japanese light novels, Chinese Wuxia novels, or other web novels and you can read them both online and offline.

Although it looks like a small application, there are also many features that can make it easier for you to read English novels.

For example Night Mode, customizeable fonts, offline reading, text to speech (audiobooks), and many more.

The final word

Among the sixteen English Novel Applications above, which one do you think is the best?

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